This is Crapfi – casiomtb

Track Listing:

  1. Hedgerose (on the Cote du Rhone)
  2. Falling Stars
  3. The Carp Pond
  4. Mullets From My Window
  5. Christmas Isn’t Over Yet
  6. Coming Down Hard Like Black Rain
  7. Sustain A Heavy Blow To The Head


Homemade CD album. 2017

This is the third CASIOMTB album. Instrumentation has increased a bit – guitars, bass, an autoharp, a roland drumatix, a korg volca beats, a casio 1000p and a casiotone sk5 and casiotone mt46, through lots of pedals. Its lofi, homemade, crapfi, and midi-free.

2012-17 Flat in Edinburgh.

Buy homemade CD for £10 or homemade cassette for £6 by emailing or if thats too long and boring try orders. You  get an idea of artwork at the bottom of Casiomtb The Devil take your stereo page.

you  should be able to download all tracks from soundcloud…


is this music? – Jan 2018

Shoegaze as a musical genre is somehow simple but complex – what can seem like one theme may reveal shifting layered patterns underneath.

However, following a lengthy break, the former leader of cerebral noisewave act Tantrum went back to basics, and has now completed the third album in this series under his new monicker – taken from the budget keyboards which feature heavily on his work.

Having moved on from the monophonic drones of the first of the trio of releases, ‘This Is…’ contains actual tunes, plus rhythms from the famous Casio inbuilt drum machines, leading to a lo-fi mix of Kraftwerk and Grandaddy.

In all it’s a mesmerising set, like the soundtrack to a sci-fi movie, about a dying planet. But one with a great score and as well as a happy ending.

video of an earlier mix. also, it tells the story of The Carp Pond