Snippets – Fake Tan

Track Listing:

  1. Come Dancing
  2. Estella
  3. Caprice’s Xmas
  4. Latino
  5. A Man Called Dick
  6. Tigerlilly
  7. Beached
  8. Death By Potato Peeler
  9. Peapod
  10. Freaky Sunday
  11. Easy Peasy
  12. Crystal Tips
  13. Scout
  14. Little Donkey
  15. Pigs In Space
  16. Maisie And Lola
  17. Peapod Local Line
  18. Mmmmgeorgeclooney
  19. Looking For Johnny Thunder
  20. Heidi Hi
  21. Pretty Mittens


Homemade CD album  – 2000

Nikki – Guitar, bass, drum machines, vocals, keyboards?
Tom  – Guitar, bass, drum machines, keyboards?
Arthur   – probably some  Guitar, bass, drum machines, keyboards?

1995 – 2000 Flats in Edinburgh.

Buy homemade CD for £10 or homemade cassette for £6 by emailing or if thats too long and boring try orders.

While waiting to record advice to users tantrum recorded lots of interlude music to go between tracks of the 2nd tantrum album, but got bored and released them as the 21 track Snippets album, under the name Fake Tan in 2001. They never sent it to anyone as they didn’t think anyone would review 21 short bits of music. But tracks from it have since been downloaded many thousands of times.