Men… casiomtb

Track Listing:

  1. I Have A Superego But It Doesnt Make You Any Better
  2. Way Way Way More Time Cleaning
  3. 6 Weeks
  4. If Only It Were True
  5. Please Type A Vile Name As It Makes Me Feel Better You Know


Homemade CD album. 2018

This is the fourth CASIOMTB album. Instrumentation has increased more – guitars, bass, an stylophone, stylophone drums, a roland drumatix, edited drums from drum tracks supplied by mic Wheeler of Gasgiant and Niko (a greek guy who very kindly sent me some drum tracks a few years ago, but i lost the mail..)a casio 1000p  and casiotone mt46, through lots of pedals. Its lofi, homemade, crapfi, and not exactly midi-free.

2012-17 Flat in Edinburgh.

Buy homemade CD for £10 or homemade cassette for £6 by emailing if thats too long and boring try orders. You  get an idea of artwork at the bottom of Casiomtb The Devil take your stereo page.

you  should be able to download all tracks from soundcloud…

4th album by casiomtb, released december 9th 2018
available in all streaming services (spotify, itunes etc..) through CDBaby
and on Soundcloud download for free except Goldtop:

and handmade cd from

So its really the third tantrum album (after Maisie’s Friend 1995 and Advice to Users 2005) but i had to stop working on it in 2009 as it was just horrible. And then in 2010 i bought a Casiotone mt46 and started doing Casiomtb to distract myself from it.

And finally in 2018 came back to these recording and rescued what i could. I can’t help thinking that there is a lot of moaning and whining, common among men i find, so at the very last minute changed the title to Men…

Musically, its the usual; guitars, basses, sadly my vocals and not proper tantrum vocals, a lot of edited drum loops donated by friends, and of course, with added casio.

A lot of me still thinks this should stay buried under 6 foot of Borders mud.

So, what’s the turning circle like on the Dymaxion then? & Oh Its just not natural – both begun in 2008 and the 2009 recordings put an end to the album for 10 years.
Home, Away a pair that arrived the same day in 2008, along with Hedgerose and Falling Star from earlier casiomtb albums, one kept getting longer, the other kept getting shorter.
RGos – a series of live takes of a tune on a Casio 1000p recorded in 2012, some up to 15 minutes
long, this is mainly 2 versions edited together.
Spent too much (along with Goldtop – which can be found on casiomtb’s soundcloud, and not included on this because of the Lonnie Smith Spinning Wheel drum loops i chopped up for the drums) were both recorded for the 2nd tantrum album: Advice to user (of life: work less, earn less, spend less and do more) a line that actually came from Spent too much. But they were both felt to be too poppy for that album. Spent too much was mainly recorded in 1997 with various attempts to record new vocal lines over the next 10 years. At the end of the day a lot of these were used.
Whining Shite – only tune to use midi (for the piano though i hand wrote it in as i didnt have a midi keyboard), drops the c bomb which i regret but i just dont think i could rerecord the vocal. Was 14 minutes originally long so i think i did well chopping it down.
Natural… cringe inducing for the first few minutes
Goldtop.. axed first 2 verses and chorus as just too much annoyingly male whining. And the lonnie smith drum sample edit to build up the drums (something I did far too much of both fake tan albums and second tantrum album and am now slightly nervous about, so, its just available to listen
on soundcloud – which seems to be ok for the rappers and edm folkthere so hopefully its ok for me.

Delighted to have finally crapped this out and can move one to new stuff.

from 1916 Heath Robinson (died 1944 so should be out of copyright..) book: Some Frightful War Pictures, that belonged to my grandfather. I’ve edited it a bit. (totally weird comedy book about fighting in trenches)

1. So, what’s the turning circle like on the Dymaxion then?
Edit of Mic Wheeler drums, 2 bass, 3 guitar, 2 Casio mt46, Stylophone, Stylophone drums & Vocals
2. Home
2 acoustic guitar, 2 Casio mt46, Vocals
3. Away
2 guitars, Casio mt46 Drums & Vocals
4. RGOS 2
casio 1000p & Vocals
5. Spent too much
a bass, 5 guitar, edit of Drums from Greek drummer Nico & Vocals, midi’d aahs
6. Whining Shite (feat. Ye Glass of Doom)
4 ebow bass, a bass (1 st Bass written by nikki), 2 12 string guitar, 4 Casio mt46, Midi piano, Glass of doom, Glockenspiel, Drumatix & Vocals
7. Oh its just not natural
Edit Mic Wheeler drums, a bass (1 st Bass written by nikki), 2 guitar, 2 Casio mt46 & Vocals
8. Goldtop
Edit lonnie Smith drums, 2 bass, 3 guitar, 2 Casio mt46 & Vocals and a few phone alarms


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