Maisie’s Friend – Tantrum

Track Listing:

  1. Filmsong Part 1
  2. Pills and Dreams
  3. Scaremonger
  4. Blue Velveteen
  5. Tantrum Egg
  6. Skewhiff
  7. Skunk
  8. Filmsong Part 2


1995 Homemade cassette, 1999 Homemade CD.

Nikki – Vocals, Guitar, bass
Tom – Vocals, Guitar, bass, Drummatix, Alessis SR16
Mic  – Alessis SR16 on Skewwhiff

Recorded in flat: Raeburn Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, between March and September 1995 on 8 track and 4 track.

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Jamendo ‘musictomyears wrote:
A mix of dreamy, psychedelic, trippy and post-rock, ambient music. With good sweet innocent gentle but strong female vocals and a guys voices heard odd time as well singing on this beautifully expressed, wonderful atmospheres of compelling, bewitching, gentle, tranquil music. And great chill out time. For the heart, mind and soul.To rejuvenate, renew and become whole again to. Let alone have a great time in general just savouring the wares on this lovely album.‘

Genre: Rock, Psychedelia, Shoegaze, Post-Rock
Tantrum inhabit that shadow area of the rock world where disembodied vocals mix with psychedelic quitar evoking memories of David Lynch films. The result is trance inducing and similar to the sonic dream music of artists like Cocteau Twins and Blonde Redhead. Tantrum has two albums available online. Maisie’s Friend (1999) is their first and has a slightly more melodic feel to it. “Pill and Dreams” pulses and flows over the ethereal vocals of Nikki Grant. “Scaremonger” is my favorite track with its light lyrics over densely layered guitar and electronics. I also recommend “Skunk”, a delightful exercise in manic energy.
Tantrum – Maisie’s Friends (Floppy)
Hushed and mellow girl vocals backed by smatterings of psychedelic guitar and atmospherics. Like a more experimental Stone Roses meets My Bloody Valentine. Of course I cannot think what they mean by Skunk, Caution! do not play this song whilst operating heavy machinery.

Esta é uma banda super desconhecida. Mas não deveria. È simplesmente demais, com sons que nos remetem a Lush e My Bloody Valentine, ou seja,… Shoegazer! Procure pelo cd “Maisie’s Friend” ou no mímino as canções “Scaremonger”, “Pills & Dreams”, “Litle Donkey” e “Mmmmgeorgeclooney” he he. Bandaça de primeira. (anyone got any ideas what this says???)

Tantrum – Maisie’s Friends (Floppy) JockRock 2002
Originally conceived more than 5 years ago, and assembled a wee while back, Tantrum’s debut finally sees the light of day. It’s worth the wait. A mish-mash of shimmering guitars and buried vocals, it might have been called shoegazing if it had come out when it should have. These days it’s equally suitable for chillout purposes as the washes of throbbing sounds recall thoughts of the Cocteaus, the Durutti Column or even Looper. ‘Scaremonger’ could almost be a single, while the rest is sooo lazily ambient but always with a warm wash of sound. station: Cibergazeta del Aguila 07 Nov 2001
tantrum: scaremonger
More of that irresistibly original music that can turn me into a pedantic writer. Tantrum are from Edinburgh, started on 1995 and, though followed by major companies’ A&R, were never signed (if Constellation Records had been flying by then…). Shamefully, the album wasn´t released until 1999! (“Maisie’s friend”, on Floppy Records). Their ambient- rock music predated so much of what is now so praised… This song is delightful noise-pop like Velocette on a sonic turmoil. A great discovery!

Tantrum Maisie´s Friends
Formados en 1995, por alguna razón desconocida este grupo que recoge influencias de Cocteau Twins, Blur, Pale Saints, Sundays, no ha entrado en los circuito de distribución habituales y ha optado por distribuir su trabajo a través de MP3. Creadores de ambientes embriagadores y apoyados en consistentes elementos vocales recuerdan en su composición a Cocteau Twins. No sólo es pop, es además una imagen densa de múltiples matices. Para aquellos que dispongan de ordenador con tarjeta de sonido y el programita oportuno (winamp, por ejemplo) en esta dirección pueden escuchar una recopilación del disco de marras así como de su segundo trabajo Fake Tan.

Thanks to Michael Schrauzer for the translation

[Formed in 1995, for some unknown reason this group, which shows the influences of Cocteau Twins, Blur, Pale Saints, Sundays, has not entered the normal distribution circuits, but has opted to distribute their work via mp3. They are creators of intoxicating ambiences, supported by consistent vocal elements recalling the Cocteau Twins. It is not just pop, but a dense image of many shades. Those with a sound card and the proper software (winamp, for example), should direct their computer to this address to hear a compilation of the disc [de marras] as well as their other band, Fake Tan.]

june 00 review
tantrum Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
For those who long for the days of the shoegazers, bands like tantrum are a welcome relief to the often- humdrum world of Indie Rock. Soaring, dissonant noises begin each song, forming a solid backbone for pretty, tinkling guitars and grinding swirls of feedback. The vocals, echo-laden and airy, delve in and out of the sea of noise which surrounds them, swelling at intervals and reverberating gently over the background noise. They’re clearly masters at creating beautifully delicate, irresistible songs.

‘a to z of scotland’s music scene’ In the City
tantrum: ethereal, textured soundscapes, atmospheric, gentle harmonies, 4ad, drifting melodies, sometimes sunny pop… The List has been banging on about edinburgh five-piece for a year and a half . Dozens of record companies have sniffed about, with MCA, Mother and Mushroom leading the pack. tantrum won a slot at this Festival’s Flux event for new music and as part of the prize are releasing 500 cd singles of the track ‘tantrum egg’. It’s the puppies privates.

23 Feb 98 ‘Live at the Belle Angelle’ The Scotsman
Openers Tantrum certainly deserve a record deal, but the songs which are wistful and beguiling in their demo versions are often rendered worthless in the live setting because of an over enthusiastic guitar sound which obliterates the vocal nuances. These female-fronted locals have some way to go but the basis is strong and with a re-mix projects in the offing they look more than capable of cultivating the eccentricities needed to mark them out from the crowd. (‘Headliners Theaudience are dismal.’)

7-20 Mar 97 ‘Live at the Lemon Tree’ The List
tantrum sound like they come from another planet, all-ethereal melodies, looped samples and chiming guitars. MCA were so impressed by their first demo that they funded their second.

mar 1996 ‘demo hell’, melody maker
we’ll just call tantrum the popteau twins and hope somebody throws a large purseful of monies at them soon and lets them loose in a big studio with lots of knobs and flashing lights. I’ll be interested to hear what they come up with.

feb 1996 ‘demos’, bigwig
A mixed collection of mellow, new agey tracks with lots of synth ‘pad’ textures, swells and swooshes interspersed with electric guitar. The vocals on track one, ‘pills and dreams’, are good but very much in the background. A similar vocal style carries on through the rockier ‘scaremonger’ which has a slightly industrial-sounding undercurrent. Hackneyed american-style samples open some of the tracks. However, one of these, at the start of ‘skewhiff’ works quite well. ‘Tantrum egg’ is an inventive track with some strange guitar sounds and is a bit different. The third last track, ‘filmsong part 1′ could be a cracker if the seemingly directionless musical meanderings were chopped out and it was made a bit snappier. Pick of the bunch, and possible the most accessible track, is the second last; ‘skunk’, but again it’s a bit lengthy and finishes with more of that sampled dialogue that should perhaps mean something, but loses me. Good album or tv/film music.
(NB: there are no synths, keyboards, synth ‘pad’ textures on this album, but bigwig only like west coast rock – tantrum)

dec 1995 ‘tape of the month’, making music
An ambient, melodic duo from edinburgh who seem to owe a large debt to the 4ad record label. The moody, spacey feel is helped in this instance by a not-quite-right mix which buries the vocals, but makes them all the more intriguing for that. ‘Pills and dreams’ is an engaging opener, a tasteful, restrained piece somewhere between Dubstar and a Blur ballad. The second [scaremonger], unfortunately suffers from an intrusive drum machine and woolly dubbing which makes it impossible to hear clearly. Number three, ‘skewhiff’, is altogether cleaner and proves to be another dreamy moodscape. Singer nikki has a voice not unlike that of Tanya Donelly which perfectly suits the introspective mood of the band. There’s a lot of promise here and, with a decent producer, they could accomplish great things. The sound is perfect for the times.

nov 3-16 1995 ‘demos’, the list
Reviewing demo tapes is often a daunting task that involves wading through hours of poorly written, badly played dross that sounds as though it was recorded on a traffic island in the rush hour. Occasionally a gem turns up. A tape so intriguing that your fag burns out unsmoked and your coffee ices over untouched. Tantrum’s offering is one such sparkler: a seven-track delight that gently bubbles with infectious feel-good harmony and mellow sunshine vibes. Film samples and spacey loops mesh smoothly with dreamy vocals to produce a soundscape as uplifting as it is enigmatic. For easy reference points, think of the spliffed-out, giggling offspring of the Cocteau twins and you’re getting there. Lazy sunday mornings and hazy, happy late nights on tape

Comments & Emails

  • Your band remains the best-kept secret in the music business.Fan –
  • about skewhiff: Twin Peaks at double speed? knowwhatImean! I’m fond of this, echoes, bright, unintelligable vocals… lovely, imaginative production. someone tell david lynch !!!lazlo
  • I listened to your CD’s and must say I was well impressed with both of them, especially Tantrum – Maisie’s friend. I thought that it was a true classic album. I can’t believe that I haven’t heard of you before. Anyway I would love to feature the band on the site and would like to feature “pills and dreams” – a great number!!!Pat, Elevation Station
  • farking lurve it!!! Any releases on vinyl I can get? I listened to film song and find it amazing.. .lurve the vocal canon thingie… excellent!!… reminds me of trashmonk’s ‘girl i use to know’… lovely!Ewan
  • I was by your web and I like your records very much! I am no music player or an expert or anything (just a happy listener 🙂 , but there was something very special with you anyway in my ears. Just my taste, if I may say so. I wish you much luck and let me know if you make new good songs please.Jessica
  • Hi there, It’s been months that I heard Maisie’s Friend at my friend’s home in Amsterdam after one of our dj gigs at the LVC in Leiden. It was in the middle of the night and I sank asleep in a pretty perfect way, I can assure you! Beautiful music. Thanks.Edwin, Haarlem, Netherlands
  • station: cocteau radioscaremonger: stunning!!! i only wish they would make a few more songs available (2 at the mo, both featured here, of course). something to bounce up and down to. filmsong part 1: just when i thought i had already found all the coolest bands on i then happen to stumble onto this, miracles never cease! seven minutes of sheer sonic sensation… station: DreamPop LinksScaremonger: Interesting, trippy track from this Scottish duo. Fem vocals and a minimal melody under a revolving miasma of effects. Probably what Medicine would sound like if they were still alive. !
  • Keep up the great musick! I’ll be listening! Cheers,Cory
  • You guys rock.My whole band enjoyed listening to your stuff.We are called WORMBELLY. We are from Charleston rule!!!!!
  • I just ordered maisie’s friend from — it’s great! Please let me know when your next cd is ready!Michael, California
  • all i have to say is WOW! this stuff is unbelievably good.. keep it up.thomo


tantrum were formed in 1995 and recorded the album ‘maisie’s friend’ that summer. The album was released on cassette in november 1995 and on cd in 1999 after re-mastering it. Work begun on the second album in the autumn of 1995 but it took four years to build a working studio. After recording FAKE TAN’s first album ‘Snippets’ in 1999 and 2000 tantrum started work again on the second album in 2001: ‘Advice to users’ released in 2005. From 2005 to 2007 they worked on the second FAKE TAN album ‘Pieces’ which we hope to release in 2007. Work has begun on a third tantrum album.

tantrum were Nikki and Tom on guitars, bass, vocals, drums, samples and produce the music. Additional sounds and production (on maisie’s friend) have come from Mic (Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring, Gasgiant, Sativa Drummers, Alice Schwindel, AngeloD) and Arthur  (Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring, Realm of the Shoppingtrolley, Blab).

Musically its sort of hot rock ambient lofi guitar music, sometimes with vocals, sometimes not, with quite a lot of other recorded sounds from tv, radio, out the window and stuff. The sound is guitars, basses, drums (sampled and programed), vocals, and lots of effects.

We did play live for 2 horrific years, 96-98, which stopped nikki ever singing again.