Forgotness – a novel, by twgfraser

In three parts:

  1. 200m
  2. In Forgotness
  3. The Winter Bomber


April – September 2016

Set three decades into the future, when sea levels have risen 200 metres and most of England is underwater (postglacial isostatic rebound). What is left of the UK is divided: Scotland is ruled by remnants of the Tory Party, Wales has been taken over by Scientologists, monks control the North Yorkshire Moors, and now the Evangelicals are arriving in force.

Still, there are those who survive on the few hilltops above seawater. Pressure is building on these to find safety, to be allowed into Scotland, after all they were UK citizens once.

Felix is sent north to try to find a way to get to higher ground.

But how to get past the psychotic windbag Trumps and his gang of marauding Mugs?

Currently being  edited, again.

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Short stories: