The Devil Take Your Stereo – casiomtb

Track Listing:

  1. I Have A Superego But It Doesnt Make You Any Better
  2. Way Way Way More Time Cleaning
  3. 6 Weeks
  4. If Only It Were True
  5. Please Type A Vile Name As It Makes Me Feel Better You Know


Homemade CD album. 2015

Tom – Casiotone mt46 live through a lot of pedals one night 19th September 2012.
Except 6 weeks – Casiotone mt46 played twice live through a lot of pedals one night 31st August 2012

2012 Flat in Edinburgh.

Buy homemade CD for £10 or homemade cassette for £6 by emailing or if thats too long and boring try orders. You  get an idea of artwork at the bottom of this page.

you  should be able to download all tracks from soundcloud…


Is this music?
The album’s title may come from am Adam Ant tune, but there the similarities end. A mysterious duo who may have served time in shoegaze act Tantrum and instrumental post rockers Fake Tan, these five lengthy ‘tunes’ take things down a notch or three. Opener ‘Superego’ is based around two keyboard tones, but is curiously mesmerising. This sets a pattern for the whole album – ‘minimal’ being the best way to describe a set of ambient and decidedly experimental efforts best listened to on headphones in a darkened room (or flotation tank). Fans of Boards of Canada – another mysterious duo – or Brian Eno would be well advised to investigate further.

Both Bars On
Despite having self-professed limited keyboard skills, Casiomtb has produced something with a beautiful simplicity on The Devil Take Your Stereo. Taking one old keyboard, playing one note at a time and chucking a load of effects at it might displease the musical purists, but such an approach is more than welcome round these parts. It’s an album of evolving and intriguing drones and oddly percussive refrains, with space to think and feel, and aids a drift away into the deep. It’s ace.

Of all places this album was reviewed in my local newspaper alongside The Libertines and Forza Motorsport 6 !! Bizarre. The music is dark and minimalist. Interesting stuff.

No33/50  – Albums of the Year 2015