Retro Techno? Je Ne Dinnae Ken Pal – casiomtb

Track Listing:

  1. Trying Very Hard Not To Be An Idiot
  2. Scared Of Empty Threats
  3. Going Out To Stayen In
  4. Rotten To The Cur
  5. Never Quite Getting The Hang Of It
  6. Stumbling In The Dark Looking For The Light Switch
  7. Its Thursday – Well Its Better Than Dyin To Death
  8. So You Dont Want Me To Come
  9. A Real Dislike Of Authority


Homemade CD album. 2016

Tom – Casiotone mt46,  through a lot of pedals, branched out a bit, almost the same pedals, got hold of a casio sk-5 and a bontempi (which actually I dont think we used on this one in the end), and on some tracks recorded 2 or even more instruments at the same time! Some even have vocals-ish. If that all sounds like sonic hell then track 4 rotten to the cur might be the one to go to. and if you pass that then maybe 08 – So you dont want me to come. this was all mainly recorded in 2012, so there’s been a lot of umming and ar-ring.

2012-6 Flat in Edinburgh.

Buy homemade CD for £10 or homemade cassette for £6 by emailing or if thats too long and boring try orders. You  get an idea of artwork at the bottom of Casiomtb The Devil take your stereo page.

you  should be able to download all tracks from soundcloud…


Is this music?
This shady duo’s first release was a beyond ambient series of tones and bleeps, but here they take things up a notch.

Opener ‘Trying Very Hard…’ features an infectiously simple keyboard riff interspersed with sudden, jarring bursts of white noise. ‘Empty Threats’ introduces pulsating drums for a 12-minute techno head-nodder that becomes oddly mesmerising. ‘So You Don’t Want Me To Come’ is another epic, mixing ‘Radioactivity’-era Kraftwerk with full-on noise.

The duo flirt with ambient, Eno-esque soundscapes on occasion as choral vocals build up somewherein the distance before the pounding train-like rhythms of ‘It’s Thursday’ take over. Decidedly uneasy listening.

No18/50  – Albums of the Year 2016