Best Forgotten – Tinkerbell’s Dope RIng

Track Listing:

  1. Audrey Hepburn
  2. Industrial Relations
  3. Autumn Apples
  4. According To The Bear
  5. Fire In
  6. Ram
  7. America
  8. Tangles and Knots
  9. Mindless
  10. Me My Aunt and the Cat Next Door
  11. Flat
  12. Carry On Blabbing

CD album. released 2003

Audrey Hepburn, Industrial Relations: January 1991 Carrbridge Studio Inverness.
Autumn Apples: Mics house, Inverness 1992?
According  to the Bear, Fire in Babylon: Beetsmakespitpink CD album, Feb 1993 Ice Station Zebra, Edinburgh.
Ram, America: Vinyl Single, May 1993 Ice Station Zebra, Edinburgh.
Tangles & Knots, Mindless: Vinyl Single, May 1994 Ice Station Zebra, Edinburgh.
Me My Aunt and the Cat Next Door, Flat, Carry On Blabbing: BBC Studios 1994, Edinburgh.

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Just wanted to put all the other stuff onto a cd…

Reviews of singles on this

Mindless/Tangles & knots – The Scotsman – Aug 1994.
Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring seem to enjoy collecting comparisons, so i’ll chuck in The Psychedelic Furs for ‘Tangles and Knots’ which both proves that they could get by without the overly quirky (yuk) flip side ‘Mindless’.

Mindless/Tangles & knots – Buzz Factory – Aug 1994.
This band are great live but ‘Mindless’ makes me wonder if someone’s put helium ice cream in my hash cake.

Ram/America – Cool Ed- April 1994.
After the rather erratic debut LP Beetsmakespitpink i was hoping to heara more controlled sound from TDR. The album seemed to be more an experimental mix of different musical styles which, unfortunately, for me, did not seem quite compatible, although i admired the band for their brave attempt at trying something different. Much the same can be said of this new double A-side single. Ram is a rather confused mash of melodic rock interspersed with hiccups of thrash, while America is more structured with guitars that remind me of the mid-eighties Postcard-pop jinglejangle sound. If there hadn’t been a label on the single, i would have said i was listening to two different bands. TDR certainly have plenty of interesting ideas but maybe they need to sort out what direction their music is heading. But is it a bad thing after all; why do we always feel the need to pigeon-hole new bands? Grab a copy of the single and see what you think.

Ram/America – The List – April 1994.
Edinburgh-based Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring who sound like they should be the greatest band on the earth’s crust, fall some way short with ‘Ram/America’ with melody that fails to ignite, but aside from the Carteresque rush halfway through, the backing on ‘Ram’ works its way under your skin. ‘America’ carries a flame for The Housemartins – a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

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