Beetsmakespitpink – Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring

Track Listing:

  1. Angel on the Loose
  2. Fire in Babylon (later moved to Best Forgotten CD)
  3. Jamie Lee
  4. Meet Mr Nasty
  5. According to the Bear (later moved to Best Forgotten CD)
  6. Cut Me Loose
  7. Green Eyes Strikes Back
  8. Student Love
  9. Pets
  10. Strawroofs
  11. Popstar


CD album. Later revised

Tom – Vocals, Guitar
Robert – Bass
Mic  – Drums

February 1993 Ice Station Zebra, Edinburgh.

Track Listing:

  1. Angel on the Loose
  2. Jamie Lee
  3. Meet Mr Nasty
  4. Cut Me Loose
  5. Green Eyes Strikes Back
  6. Student Love
  7. Pets
  8. Strawroofs
  9. Popstar

Revised CD album.



Beetsmakespitpink – M8 -Aug 1993.
Something worth checking out is the debut release from Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring whose album Beetsmakespitpink is a bit of a closet classic. Invernesses finest purveyors of user friendly indie pop have unleashed an album of unbelievable silliness guaranteed to have you pogoing about grinning like a maniac. If you are part of the unsuspecting public then i would advise you remain so as there are only 500 of these albums on sale and the intense disappointment of not being able to find one may be just too much! A record deal and stardon surely awaits.

Beetsmakespitpink – The List -Aug 1993.
What looks like psychedelic pavement pizza meets Rupert The Bear (the cover), sounds like The Wedding Present unleashed in a slap-bass factory (the record), and reads like the deranged ramblings of don’t-give-a-monkey’s provocateurs (the press release)? Beetsmakespitpink does, the debut LP from these Invernessians on the loose in Edinburgh. What they lack in variety – too many songs clatter by on knee-jerk stilts; Tom’s hoarse, strangulated voice is a bit wearing after a while – they make up for in ramshackle quirkiness. But quirkiness’s appeal can quickly pale, and TDR should straighten out some of their indie-ghetto kooks and firm up their funk.

Beetsmakespitpink – The List -Aug 1993.
Beets is atraight-ahead-high-octane rock that can’t stay po-faced for long. It’s tougher than the previous EP which some Scottish DJs played rather more readily than their current, spikier incarnation of TDR.

Beetsmakespitpink – Cool ED -Aug 1993.
My first thouht was that this is not really my cup of tea. TDR appear to be a grunge/funk/punk band all rolled into one. They have an energetic frenzy of guitars and drums, although there are a couple of slower songs. Kind of like a heavier Shrimptons (which is no bad thing) with perhaps shades of Guns’n’Roses (but much better). My only complaint is that the vocal is too quiet, but they do strike me as being a band that works better live than studio. So, If you like funky-grunge with a touch of punk then this is the one for you.

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