Audrey Hepburn EP – Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring

Track Listing:

  1. Audrey Hepburn
  2. Industrial Relations
  3. Mindless (Space to Let)
  4. Sweet Conceit


Vinyl 4 track EP

Tom  – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Sue  – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Mic  – Drums

January 1991 Carrbridge Studio Inverness.

Sold Out


Audrey Hepburn EP – The Sun.
And their debut record Audrey Hepburn…… has just been voted single of the week on Moray Firth Radio.

Audrey Hepburn EP – The Sun – Sept 1991.
Watch out for Inverness band Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring. Their new Ep is great and shows a sense of humour as they manage to mix everything including Dixieland jazz into their songs. Three out of four tracks are really good which isn’t a bad average. Start touring soon lads.

Audrey Hepburn EP – Siren – June 1991.
More soft soppy indie imbeciles who need the sound of one hand slapping their faces, but while the soar off here and there as the plot goes askew, this is a four song collection of reliable bass-poked charisma and you stay glued to the speakers for encroaching stupidity. It doesn’t come. They just get seriously stroppy. Fabulous for £3.

Audrey Hepburn EP – Inverness Courier – June 1991.
Inverness band TDR release a self-funded EP which may attract more than a little attention. An Indie sound with commercial ingredients that will attract radio attention, the EP contains four tracks, all pennd by the band and is well worth a listen.

Audrey Hepburn EP – Highland News – June 1991.
TDR put out their excellent single Audrey Hepburn, a little gem gleaming in the apparent dull lull in local band action.

Audrey Hepburn EP – Jim Gellatly/Frontline June 1991.
Four tracks are squeezed onto this nifty little 7″, kicking off with the title track, Audrey Hepburn. I’m actually chuffed, having included a very basic version of this song on my own Groove Machine compilation last year. ‘Industrial Relations’ is my favourite track on the single, far more thrashy than the rest and no holds barred lyrics with loads of angst. ‘Sweet Conceit’ turns up on the record as a bit of an oddity, a jazzy little number with a lassie on vocals. ‘Mindless’ rounds things off, another fast number, it even includes a rap name checking Megadeth – are they trying to say something? Musically TDR combine a few styles probably somewhere between James Brown and Jesus Jones with a bit of the Neds and Janes Addiction shoved in just for good measure. Check them out now!

Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring

Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring were formed in 1991 and stopped in 1994. During that time they recorded an EP (Audrey Hepburn EP), an album (Beetsmakespitpink), two double A sided singles (Ram/America, and Mindless/Tangles & Knots), played about 300 gigs round Scotland and supported Radiohead, The Joyriders, Goodbye Mr Mackenzie, Fish  and more.


Jim Gellatly (then of Moray Firth Radio, but later, Northsound adn later Beat 106) included an early version of ‘audrey hepburn’ (by Seven Yellow Canaries – and yes there are no excuses for this name or Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring for that matter) on his Groove Machine compilation cassette in 1990. At the end of 1990 Tinkerbell’s Dope RIng was formed with Tom on guitar,  David on bass and Richard on drums, But after we got invited to play a gig on Skye which went incredibly well David and Richard refused to play any more shite gigs (understandably), so we split up. In January 1991 with Mic on drums and Sue  on bass  the Tinks were off again. In February 1991 we re-recorded Audrey Hepburn along with Mindless(Space to Let), Industrial Relations and Sweet Conceit (written by Sue , with Sue on guitar and vocals and Tom  on bass) and released it as a 7 inch vinyl ep on our own floppy records label. Sue  left shortly after the recording and Scott  took over as bass player. We played  Inverness Hayloft a lot and did our own gigs in the S??? hotel, The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen, and many other places across the central Highlands.

In the summer of 1992 we organised a 22 date tour round the Highlands and Islands ending with The Shock Of The North Faultline Festival headlined by the Joyriders  and then we moved down to Edinburgh.


With a new bass player Tim, and then another Robert we continued gigging in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Then in February 1993 we recorded the album Beetsmakespitpink.

Beetsmakespitpink was produced in 7 days at Ice Station Zebra, Edinburgh. Jon King (Olympic Studios producer for Motorhead, Elvis Costello, The Cult (She sells Sanctuary), Anita Dobson) was the producer and did a great job.


In 1993 Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring gigged all over Scotland supporting Radiohead in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Brainiac, Sidi Bou Said, going to Letham and  other crusty festivals in fife, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness. In November we recorded the Ram/America (in a crisis of singing confidence, XXXX sang America) single and made a video for Ram, and played sessions for BBC Radio Scotland. In May 1994 we recorded the Mindless/Tangles and Knots single and made a video for Mindless. By 1994, though we were playing an early version of Skunk and trying to play Skewhiff (both later to be tantrum songs). But the Tinks didn’t really like them. And Nikki and i wanted something bigger and slower. We formed tantrum 6am 1st Jan 1995.


Tinkerbell’s Dope Ring were, by the end, Tom  (guitar, vocals), Mic (drums), Arthur  (Guitar) and Deke  (bass, vocals). There were nine other bass players in all including: Arthur, Scott , Robert , Dave, Sue  and Tim.