Welcome to Floppy Records

Though Floppy began in 1990, it is this year, 2012, that i have decided to try and do something with it. I and my friends have quite a lot of music that it would be good to try and get heard more.

We are never going to be as good as Warp Records, but i think its good to try.

Also, i realised in 2000, in  possibly my only moment of clarity in  my life, how the internet was going  to change everything especially business and government away from big to small, away from the few to us all. And for the first 10 years Big didn’t seem to realise what was going  on.

I believe in  the internet, i have tried a bit to fight for it, i have pestered my MPs, MSPs and MEPs, i have read Techdirt and Slashdot for many years, i have tried to help with Avaaz, and generally commented, posted and supported what i can, when i can.

I moved to linux in  2007 (when i finally got Photoshop 6, Dreamweaver 8, SoundForge 5 and Acid 2 to work, thanks to Wine) and wish i had done it sooner.

But now i want to see if it is possible to make music work on  the internet. I’ve been making  music since 1980 when i was 16. Making  money with music was impossible then, but its easier now. Even an unpopular musician, a flop, can make money and i want to prove it.

Here are my targets:

  1. 500,000 downloads by 2013
  2. Get people to download, share and remix
  3. Upload a new tune every week
  4. Floppy Records Turnover/Earn/Bring in £200 in  2012

By the way, if you  are looking  for the blues musician Thomas Fraser then you  need to go here, though you  may like Boris Boogaloo.

NB: Yes i still have bands and music to add and stats but i got bored of waiting for me to do it, so i have moved over to the new site long long before its ready. Theres a lot more to come as and when i can face doing it