NEW TUNE – CasioMTB: Scared of Empty Threats

Scared of Empty Threats (152)

and a shoddy video:

so, whats this all about?

Scared of Empty Threats is a live, one take, unedited jam i guess, on a CASIO MT46 going through various effects pedals. No other instruments were hurt during the recording of this.
I dont know what style of music this: lo-techno, no-techno, electronic?
i did normalise it and compress it a bit.

It starts as you would expect, crappily, and then picks itself up and goes for it.

as to the video, well, its an 8 minute video captured from linux’s media player (which i think i now know how to get it in better quality, sorry) and i like watching it. its very dated and i think thats quite cool.