NEW TUNE: CasioMTB and William Gerard – So, whats the turning circle like on a Dymaxion then? mp3

This late – sorry. I had hoped to get 8 up by CasioMTB and William Gerard but… well never mind.

On the plus side, next up some Gasgiant, or rather, mik and ryan have given me the go-ahead to put up free mp3s of all the rest of their 2 albums. Starting , probably towards the end of this week.

Now, Dymaxion, started in 2010 though i think i can find something much earlier – if i could just work out what i called it:

So, what's the turning circle like on a Dymaxion then? (1007)

plugin and start with the guitar, then miks drums (sliced and diced) bass, casio mt46, sadly my vocals with some aahs which i am ok with, and lead stylophone, a bit of (legitimate – it happened, not added after) that noise and an extra chord. bit more whatever it is, and the stylophone drum kit with some i-just-like-reverse-vocals. guitar continues on. Casio solo1. My vocal, with the tc helicon (so much more to follow with that beast) Casio solo2. bit more stylophone drum machn.ine..don’t come round here no more i am not as damned as it may seem, to me.

i’ve worried over the mix for so long, the balance between noisy bass, guitar and bass drum. i just dont know. may yet have to record it all again. i hope not.