New MP3: CasioMTB – Well it’s better than dy’n to death

This is the sort of part 2 of Scared of Empty Threats.

CasioMTB - Well its better than dy'n to death (211)

Recorded the same night it starts the same, and then wanders off in its own direction.

I am in the process of making a lame-arsed video of this one too.

It is one take, live recording of a Casio MT46 through pedals.

And again, i really rather like it. I am hoping others or maybe i will add to it. Or maybe not.

Currently outside Appin in a cottage overlooking Stalker Castle. Which is cool, and wet, but at least not midgey season yet. So this post is a bit short. And i can’t finish the video.

So, hope you like it.

PS. Sorry – download didn’t work first time – surprisingly difficult by phone