NEW MP3: Boris Boogaloo – Are We Downhearted

Boris BoogalooAre We Downhearted? (920)

I like this song. Its almost playful for Boris. And its incredibly short – not that boris particularly goes in  for long-windedness like some i can mention on  this site (me).

There is something  good about short. Is it Teen-angel that manages to tell the story of a girl who is given a ring by her boyfriend, while in  a car that gets stuck at a rail road crossing, they jump out when they hear a train  coming, but she left the ring in  the car and runs back to get it and gets killed – thus Teen-angel: she died for love. But the whole song 3 or 4 verses and choruses and a middle eight is over in 58 seconds! It takes longer to explain  the song than to hear it.

So, Are we downhearted? yes we are. but there is always hope.

here’s hoping  you  like it.


ok it seems its 2.35. But looking  though the American Graffitti track list – 40 songs, only 3 make it over the 3 minute mark, 6 are under 2 minutes. Thats pretty cool.

But there is a songthat is under a minute (i know there a lots, napalm death etc.. under a second) but  it must be on  some other film sound track – i shall go and look for Lemon Popsicle. My brother loved this stuff so i ened up  listening  to a lot of it and still have a soft spot for early doo wop / rnr. no  i dont like early elvis. To be fair my brother also had emi label Anarchy in  the UK (rotten,matlock,cook & jones) which is pretty cool.