I wish i could sell my music cheaper

I would love to sell my music directly from this site. I would love to charge say 10p or 20p per song (thats about 16c or .12euro).

But when i look at Paypal rates, and that is pretty well the only way i can think of doing it, they would charge 20p per transaction plus 3%.

So i would have to charge 30p at least to get my 10p.

itunes change 99c, currently thats 62p, and they pocket about a third, leaving 40p to me ( i think if i understand this site correctly). And its an itunes file and i don’t know how well they travel even if they say it is DRM free.

Now this is a bit odd. Yesterday when i thought about this it didn’t make sense. Maybe i should give it a go?

Oh, i know, i was being  greedy thinking: i’ll make more from itunes than selling  directly.

But that’s not the point and never has been. I am going  to give it a go. Why not?

It really is worth reading  this ‘Why I Pirate – An Open Letter To Content Creators‘ .

Maybe this should say: I wish i would sell my music cheaper.