Consultation on proposals to change the UK’s copyright system

I came across this site:

and so wrote this letter:

dear Mr Taffy Yiu

As a small amateur record label that has been going for 20 years, and a musician that has been making music since 1980, now is the best time
for a musician.

We have had close on half a million free downloads from our website since 2003. We have had had more people discover us and listen to us than ever and we are starting to make a small amount of money. And that is so different from the 80s and 90 when no one heard us, and we had to pay to play.

A free download, like a listen on the radio is an advert for our music and something to be rejoiced.

This is for same reason that you yourself file share. You have, i am sure, a file server, probably a few, in your house – diguised as a book shelf, and on it files/books, that you encourage people to browse and borrow and share, maybe your family, maybe your friends, either way they are not the person who bought the books. You know and accept that you are denying the creator the sale by lending these books, but you do this because you know that it is morally good and right to share, and you know that by sharing you are recommending and encouraging the discovery of new authors and that these readers will buy new books because of this. You know from your own life that books you borrowed gave you a love and desire to read more and buy more.

That is why the US Government Accountability Office (The GAO) study ( found that:
a: the figures put out by the lobbyists were invented
b: piracy did not cause harm
c: piracy actually seemd to increase sales.

But you know that from your own experience that sharing leads to more sales: ews/87267/study-artists-earn-more-in-ap2p-world/

Furthermore, Copyright is not a natural right. It is a short term monpoly granted by the people to creators through their representatives (the Government), and yet copyright keeps getting extended. Art that should be in the public domain has been taken, truly stolen, and handed back to copyright holders. Extending copyright does not increase art production. In fact it reduces art production. If copyright were the length it is now when Disney first started making their 10 Disney Princess films (everyone of which have been taken from the public domain stories) would they have been able to make these films?

I believe copyright should be shortened. I believe software patents should be scrapped. I believe trying to fight piracy is a waste of time and effort when more films, more music, more books and more games are being made than ever before and more money is being made than ever before.

It is really nothing to do with piracy but a fear that the old business model has no control over the new internet business model, and their only way to fight it is through regulatory capture. Which won’t even work because this is the what is happening:

And those that do not understand this will fail whatever the laws.

thank you for your time



I dont suppose its a particlularly clever letter, or well written, or for that matter that it will be read – but i do think we all have to try our best.

There is another site here that i will try to repond to too: