About Us

Floppy Records is an amateur bunch of nonsense mainly to release music i have been involved with  and music by a few friends.

Floppy Records is a label i set up  in 1990 to release the Audrey Hepburn 4 track vinyl EP by Tinkerbells Dope Ring.

i released a few records for Tinkerbells until i stopped the band in  1994 to start Tantrum (1995-2005) with nikki. We also released 2 albums as Fake Tan (2000-2010). And i am currently thinking  about doing  music as William Gerard. So its not a real label, just a vanity project. i also have some music here from friends (much more successful than me): Gasgiant (1990 to now?) and Boris Boogaloo. Anyway, thats Floppy Records. Not a proper label. i did play bass for gasgiant for one gig at a free crusty festival in fife once.

And i left the PRS in  the autumn  of 2011. I was and am very cross with their copyright extensionist policies.

Making Money?

No. Never have. Not since i first picked up  a bass i n 1980/81 when i heard Sheena is a Punk Rocker and saw the front cover of The Ramones It’s Alive album. Since then its been a loss making  exercise.

But, of late things have improved. We are getting  heard it seems (if the download stats are to be believed). We are earning  money, through CDBaby, from iTunes etc.. And, as we dont play live now (too old and ugly and familied) and, thanks to  ebay and guntree, not really spending  anything  at all on  equipment let alone practise rooms, transport, posters etc.., not speaning  any money, we almost turn a profit! Maybe a tenner a year!

So, i am trying  to work a bit harder this year promoting  the music, producing  more music and thinking  up  ways to earn money from music.

Other People’s Music?

I don’t know. I certainly can’t help anyone to gig, or give them money, or a contract or any of that. But maybe this site will give an idea of a few of the possiblities. And maybe we could think about having  downloads from other people.

Would they be:

  • Scottish Bands?
  • Scottish Bands i liked?
  • Bands i liked?

I dont know. Its just a thought at the moment. I don’t think i yet have the time.

i do have many many albums of music from Blab. Blab are a music collective i suppose, just a bunch of friends who have maded music since thr late ’80s. They have finished many hundreds of albums on  tape and cd. I get given a few every year. They are an amazing mixed bag of music, comdey shorts and general wierdness. i doubt i have the server facilities to handle it all. or if they would want me to. Though occassionally i have been told i should put it up. again . we’ll see.